FamMilizianoTUYSHello, I’m Sol, I’m 34 years old and I come from Argentina. This is my daughter Clara, my son Valentino and he is Domenico. We have been living here for a couple of years now. Originally I came here for holidays but I stayed because I’m happy and because Wolfsburg is my second home. It’s a safe city and multicultural. There are all kinds of people and honestly, they are really nice.

I’m Domenico, I’m Italian. I met her here and we started a family here in Wolfsburg. I work at Volkswagen and I’m very happy to work here because it’s a very safe job.

Clara, what is Wolfsburg like?

It’s very pretty, the school is very good and I have many friends. We have an international school in Italian, Spanish and English. We have everything here.

It’s a very safe city. There are a lot of places to visit and it’s a city that keeps on growing. I see the city growing and becoming that beautiful since I came here a couple of years ago.

Also, for everyone who loves football, we have a team playing in the first league, they also became German champion. A lot of foreigners from all over play there, there’s an Italian, an Argentinean, a Brazilian. It’s a very complete city, it’s got everything, it’s very safe. Wolfsburg is beautiful.

The only thing, which is not so nice is the weather. But within two hours you can get to a place where it’s warm, like Spain, Italy, Berlin… Well, in Berlin it’s not so warm, but it’s a very nice city.

We are very happy to live in Wolfsburg. Thank you. Bye.