IrenePerurenaTUYSHi, my name is Irene Perurena and I’m 25 years old and I’m from Pamplona.

Two and a half years ago I came to Wolfsburg to work at Volkswagen doing an internship. This was kind of the reason why we all came here. What surprised me was the willingness of the people to get to know other people. They are very open-minded here in Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen helps to organize meetings for foreigners, the so-called “Stammtische”. There are meetings, which can be in German as well as in Englisch. It’s an easy way to get to know other people. I think it broadens your horizon to be with people from all over the world.

Also there are many Spanish people. When you walk through Wolfsburg and you hear Spanish you can simply talk to them. It’s very easy to meet people.

Today I’m at the ice arena of Wolfsburg because I like to go to ice hockey matches. Ice skating is something I didn’t use to do in Spain. On Saturdays there is a disco where you can ice skate and listen to music. This is a lot of fun.

So I want to encourage you to come to Wolfsburg. At the beginning you come for the work but you appreciate that people get to know each other and the opportunities that the city has to offer.

I expect to see you soon. Thank you.